Using Clipping Mask And Textures to make a Call Of Duty Game Cover

Ever wondered how you get fonts in photoshop that have a texture on them?? Well this is your answer " Clipping Masks"

Original Image


So let fire uo ol’ Photoshop and start learning about Clipping Mask’s. So open an image you want to use.

Choose the TEXT tool


So for this example, we are going to be using the text tool.

Choose your font


I am using Call Of Duty Ops Font (google it)

Add your text


So my new game title looks like its CALL of DUTY "Photoshop Edition" ….. lol :)

Once you are happy put it in the position and make the size correct.

Now we go on the hunt for some textures.

Texture hunt


So in classic call of duty tradtion, im going to go with some scratched metal ….

Scratched metal


well i went with this one but you can choose anything you want ….. So paste it into photoshop

Layer swapping


So when i pasted it, its put my texture in the middle layer as you can see on the right of the screen,,, Well i actually want the texture to be at the top, so thats what we are going to do, move the texture layer to the top.

Et Voila!


So we now are just looking at our texture ……

Here comes the magic


Right click on your texture layer and choose "Create Clipping Mask"



Look at our fancy text!! we now have a cool looking textured font …. hmm maybe we can adjust that to be a little darker ? ok lets do that ….

Layers adjustment


with our texture layer still selected goto the Levels menu and change the black marker to your required darkness.

Final Image…. cool textured fonts :)