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How To Select and Adjust Colours In Photoshop

This lesson will teach you how to select and adjust colours in Photoshop.

Original Image


So open your image and lets get started.

Add A New Layer


Add a new layer.

Colour Range


With your new layer selected click on

Select –> Color Range

Color Range Selection


Make sure you have the Colour picker with the + selected and then choose the colour that you want adjusted, in the case im going for the Orange.

Click on the different shades of orange


Click on the different shades of orange in the photo until you have something like on the right hand side, where you have the colour you want adjusted in white, you can increase the Fuzziness a bit if you have lots of different shades, maybe 50 shades of grey? i mean orange :)

We can make more adjustments later on with a layer mask if your Fuziness selects other parts of the photo.

Your selection


As you can see it has selected the shades of orange that we chose in the last step. You can always smarten up the selection if you need to …

New Adjustment Layer


So now we are going to make a New Adjustment Layer and choose Hue/Saturation.

New Adjustment Layer Settings


Now you can see this we can started to adjust the Hue and Saturation of our colour, you will notice that our earlier selection has been added to the layer mask.

Final Image


As you can see we have now quickly and easily changed the Colour of the stripe on the car. We can then go and do the same to change other colours on the car, We just create a new layer, then follow the same steps as above and we can edit other parts….

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