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Automatic Upright Feature in Camera RAW 8 and Photoshop CC

Again here is a great new feature from Photoshop CC, its called the Automatic Upright Feature in Camera RAW 8 and Photoshop CC. This is a great tool for Photographers who need to do some lens correction or geopmetric distortion repair.
With that said, lets crack on a dig into this baby and see what it can do ….

Original Image


So we can see here , the monument on the right hand side there is not vertical…. i was on holiday, was in a rush with the kids, but i knew i could edit it in PP (~ post production ) or Photoshop CC. Well this couldnt be easier!

Convert To Smart Object


So we are being non-destructive, lets conver it to a Smart Object by right clicking on our layer and choosing " Convert to Smart Object "

Filter –> Camera Raw Filter


Again we are using the Camera Raw Engine, again we are using it as a Filter on a layer, in this case its a photo.

Lens Correction Tool


So here is where the magic kicks in, the guys at Adobe are doing great, doing things to save us photographers and photoshoppers loads of time.
In the image above we have a few options :
Disable / Automatic / Only Level Correction / Level & Vertical / Level, Horizontal & Vertical. ?

Normally Automatic does the job and that is what we are using this time around.

Apply Lens Correction and Final Image


Now notice how the monument is actually vertical this time ?
This is a great little time saving tool that can be used for so many things.