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Virtual Veneers

by on Mar.02, 2011, under Tutorials

Virtual Veneers

This tutorial will show you how to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 to create Virtual Veneers.




This is an example of what cosmetic dentistry veneers could look like if you went to have them done by a professional dentist, or what dentist teeth whitening / laser teeth whitening would look like without the trip to see the dentist.


Step 1

Choose a Photo that you wish to edit the teeth. I found this one via Google Images.

1 before Virtual Veneers

Teeth You Want To Edit

Step 2

Select some Veneers. Again found via Google Images.

2 veneers Virtual Veneers

Select some Veneers

Step 3

Ok, so now we have our source images, we can start. The first thing we can do is select the Quick Selection Tool.

3 quick selection Virtual Veneers

The Quick Selection Tool

Step 4

So using the Quick Selection Tool, select the teeth as I have done below. We do NOT want the lips, and we DO want the gap in between the teeth where you would expect the tongue to be. You might need to touch up your selection using the other selection tools if it makes it easier for you…

4 select teeth Virtual Veneers

Select The Teeth

Step 5

Copy Your Selection of the Veneers
Edit -> Copy ( Ctrl + C )

5 copy selection Virtual Veneers

Copy Your Selection

Step 6

Now we need to go back to our original image ( which should still be open in another tab ) and paste your Veneers onto this image. It will automatically create your pasted Veneers into a new layer, named something like Layer 1.
Edit -> Paste ( Ctrl + V )

6 paste on to original image Virtual Veneers

paste on to original image

Step 7

Once you have pasted your Veneers, you need to resize and reposition your teeth until they are in a relatively good position, like below.

7 resize and position teeth Virtual Veneers

resize and position teeth

Step 8

So with Layer 1 selected, click on the corner of your layer, and then Right click on the same corner and select Warp Tool.
We now need to just warp the teeth around until they look natural and in position with the mouth’s contours and curves. When you are finished double click.

8 warp tool Virtual Veneers

warp tool

Step 9

Now we want to use the Blur Tool, only slightly. Set the Blur Strength to about 30% and blur around where the teeth meet the lips..

9 blur tool Virtual Veneers

blur tool

Final Image – Virtual Veneers

10 final image virtual veneers Virtual Veneers

final image virtual veneers

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