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Photoshop CC – Targeted Adjustment Tool

Welcome back, this tutorial is all about a new tool in Photoshop Creative Cloud. It’s called the Targeted Adjustment Tool. Now i have only just discovered this tool. and its really handy. So when your ready lets go….

Original Image


So lets start with an image we want to adjust. Now this one is perfect as we have a forground ( the fence ) and a background ( the sky ) .

Convert To Smart Object


Right Click on your layer in the panel to the right and convert the layer to a Smart Object.

Camera Raw Filter


Again we are going to rely on the new feature Camera Raw Filter.

Filter –> Camera Raw Filter ( Shift+Ctrl+A )

Have a Look at The Menu Options


We need to choose the Targeted Adjustment Tool ( T )

Targeted Adjusment Tool


Click on this one

The magic part


Now either click on a forground or a background and drag the miuse left of right and it will adjust that part of the image so here i am going to drag the sky to the left and it will Target that section and adjust it, without editing the forground ( the fence )

Targeted Adjustment


As you can see the fence is the same but the sky is darker, so lets do the same to the fence but make it lighter, by simply clicking and dragging to the right.

Forground Targeted Adjustment


As you can see it has now adjusted ONLY the forground, this tool is amazing and can save so much time!!

Final Image


With a couple of clicks of the mouse i have totally adjusted this image without having to make a new layer of each section and the mess around with each layer. Please have a go and let me know how your images come out …

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