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Remove a person or object from a photo


Remove a person or object from a photo


How to remove a person or object from your photos in a few simple steps.

Import your image

Firstly you need an image. So fire up Photoshop and open your image up.


Your weapon of choice ….


Your weapon of choice …. I mean your selection tool. Now depending on what you are trying to hide or remove will influence which tool you are going to use. for this tutorial i am going to use the polygonal lasso tool.

Select your person or object …


So a lot of people would do what I have done above …. but look……what have I done wrong?


Yes, the shadow! Its the first tell tale sign that someone has done a bad Photoshop. You need to remove the shadow also! So lets select that now….


So now we have our shadow included, we can start to remove the items we no longer need in our image.

Right click on your selection .


So we have now right clicked on our selection and we have the following menu displayed..

We want to choose “Fill”

Content Aware


From the drop down menu where it says “Use” we want to have content aware selected.

Then we click on OK



and we now have our object removed from the image.


Final Image


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