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How To Displace – Wrap A Texture

How To Displace – Wrap A Texture



This tutorial is actually pretty cool and will show you how to use the displacement tool,we will use it to wrap a texture onto another object.

So the two images I have used here are from a website called  publicdomainpictures.net

Disclaimer: Please do not try to counterfeit money using photoshop, it is illegal to try to make fake money.

So here I want you to select around your object.


Then inverse the selection


Once the selection is inverted, then delete the background.


Deselect everything, then goto
Image –> Adjustments –> Levels


And we want to change the image so we have a contrasty image, strong white and blacks, we don’t want washed out tones.


Save this as MAP.psd

displacement map

Once saved we now want to Step Backwards /  Ctrl + Alt + Z

step backwards

Now with our texture layer at the top and selected


Click on Filter –> Distort –> Displace


Choose some values to displace the image by, i find that anything between 10 – 20 will do fine, you will need to experiment with your images.


Go to where you saved MAP.psd

choose map


Once the layer with the pattern has been displaced, press Ctrl and click on the layer below of the flower, then click on Layer mask.

choose layer mask

And you will get the below layers

 press ctrl and layer

You can then paste the texture into the background


And apply some Gaussian Blur
Filter –> Blur –> Gaussian Blur 

 gaussian blur

Or you can replace the background with something else like below ..

alternative background


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