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Photoshop CC – Radial Filter





Converting to Grey-scale / Black and White is pretty cool and can give some OK photos a new lease of life and give it that artistic effect.

Original Image


Fire up Photoshop CC and lets get cracking

Convert To Smart Object


Right click on your layer and convert to Smart Object.

Convert To Grey-scale


Now for this image I feel I can make it better by going grey-scale..

Radial Filter


Now we are going to use the radial filter to jazz up this photo a bit …



So we need to select the area we are going to apply our Radial Filter to, click in the middle and drag outwards.

Make Your Changes in the Radial Filter


Here are the settings i have used. I have increased the contrast, dropped the exposure, increased the shadows and upped the feather slightly. Click OK and your done.

Smart Object


So if we quickly flick back to the Layers area, we can see the changes we have made are NON DESTRUCTIVE to the original image, they are simply layered on top!
This is why we want to use Smart Objects!

Final Image


So here is what we have ended up with, i think that the OK photo we started with, is now something we can have printed onto a Canvas and have it hung on the wall! Well I would anyway.
Hope you have enjoyed this example on how to use the new Radial Filter feature in Photoshop CC ( Creative Cloud )

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