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Photoshop Yourself With A Celebrity Tutorial

Photoshop Yourself With A Celebrity Tutorial


This tutorial will show you how to Adobe Photoshop yourself to be with a Celebrity alive or dead. This is one of my most requested tutorials , so here goes …….

We start with a photo of your face…

Your Face


And a photo you want to add yourself into ..

Original Photo - Nixon & Elvis

Choose Quick Select Tool

Quick Select  Tool

And select the face, not including the hair, you may not need the eats either.

Select Face

Goto Edit -> Copy


Then goto the photo you are going to photoshop yourself into and then

Edit -> Paste


Now you need to re-size “your” face to the same size as the original face.

Resize Face

See Below for re-sized face.

Resize Face-2

Move your face on top of the original face and change the Opacity so you can see through it.

Layer Opacity

Now you need to align your face with the original face, I tend to try and align the eyes and mouth.

Align Your Face

Choose the eraser tool

Now change the Opacity of the Eraser to a low amount between 10-30% and start rubbing out/erasing some of your face as below, in this case I removed my ears and the outside of my face, as you can see below!


Once you are happy, change your top Layer Opacity to 100%.

Layer Opacity 100%

Now in this photo I want to Desaturate my image.



Now the image is desaturated, we still need to do some work to make it blend as it doesn’t look right just yet.




Now we need to change the Levels to make the image blend a bit more, but its still not done yet, needs more work.




Now we need to change the Brightness & contrast, see below for this example.


Brightness & Contrast


Final Image


Final Image of Me and Elvis


I hope this has helped you out, it takes time for me to write these for free, so please consider supporting me and my family who put up with me :)


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