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Easy Selective Color Effect With Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial, we learn how to add a selective colour (or “splash of colour”) to an image. We will be converting the overall photo to black and white while leaving our main subject with a dash of colour

Original Photo


Add An Adjustment Layer


Black And White


To get the pop of colour effect we need to add an adjustment layer, we are going to make the main image black and white so choose the Black & White option

Adjust Properties


adjust your black and white image to how you want it

Choose The Brush Tool


Now you need to choose the brush tool, and make sure you have the BLACK colour selected.

Start painting


using the black start painting on your adjustment layer and this will be making a layer mask ….

Finished Image


once you have carefuly painted the area in your layer that you want to come through the adjustment layer you will end up with an image with “pop” or “splash”

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