Photoshopping aka Airbrushing

Photoshopping aka Airbrushing


Here is a Adobe Photoshop tutorial of how I airbrush peoples faces like they do to models and celebrities.

Some people do this and make the face’s look plastic and really fake.

The way I do this, keep the texture of the skin and makes it look a lot more realistic.

Ok, you need to duplicate your layer  twice, do this by right clicking on your image in the layer menu and clicking duplicate layer.


So you end up with something like below, now with the top layer selected as below

Goto Filter —–> Other —–> High Pass

And change the slider until you can make out the texture of the skin, normally somewhere between 0.5 – 2 depending on quality of photo.

Now with the same layer selected, change the Blend Mode to “Hard Light”

Now select the middle layer we are going to be using this one for a while now.

And with the middle layer still selected goto

Filter —-> Blur —–> Surface Blur

Again move the slider until you have that fake plastic look on the face, you may need to experiment with this as each image will be different

When you happy click on ok. Now still with the middle layer selected we want to use the Eraser Tool, and we are going to Erase some of that surface blur.

Change the Opacity to 100% and a big brush size

And we want to erase everything but the skin, so we need to eraser the surface blur off the hair and background but not the face.

Once this is done, change the opacity down to about 20% and a small brush size.

We now need to erase the hair on the eyebrows and erase the surface blur from the eyes.

Because opacity is now only 20% you may need to go over the same bits of eye or eyebrow a few time to make it look sharper and less blur, practise will make this easier.

Zoom in close this will help you see the eraser working.

Once this is done, select the top layer and change the opacity until you are happy with the amount of “fake-ness”¬† of the airbrushed skin.

And below you can see the original and the airbrushed, play around and see what results you get.

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