Photoshop CC – Using Alien Skin Exposure 5

This tutorial will show you how to play with Alien Skin Exposure 5, the best filter i have ever used …

Open your image


Firstly we need to open the image we are going to be using. In this example, Hever Castle, Kent, UK/.

Alien Skin


If you dont own it already, then get it from here

Once you have it installed , Filter –> Alien Skin –> Exposure 5

Exposure 5


Here you get the oppertunity to chose a style that you are looking for in your images. I love love this filter plugin. You can make some images look AMAZING!!!!

Choose your filter


I have a few favourites, once i have chosen the one im after i click on Apply

New Layer


This then gives me a new layer with my filter on the top layer, it so customisable and can be run more than once to get a mixture of styles….. if you want more tutorials then i can go into more details.

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