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Make A Panoramic Photo Using Photoshop

by on Dec.08, 2012, under Tutorials

Make a panoramic photo using Photoshop

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create panoramic photos using Photoshop.


First of all you need to use your Panoramic digital cameras. This can be done with any camera, yes ANY. Take a selection of shots like I have done below. Once you have done this we are ready to start the tutorial.

Choose your photos

Choose your photos


Go to File –> Automate –> Photomerge…

This is what we are going to be using, it is an automated tool.

Automatic panoramic process

Automatic panoramic process

So now you should see the screen below. Next step is to click on Browse and then select the files you wish to use. ( these would be the ones we took in the first step, yeah. )

Leave the layout on AUTO for now, you can play about with that later.



So now we have our photos loaded in to the Photomerge section, and all we have to do now is click on OK.

Then sit back and let Photoshop run its automated script and create your panoramic photo.

Load photos into Photomerge...

Load photos into Photomerge…


And we have our panoramic digital photo. Well nearly, you can leave it like this if you want but I normally do either 1 of 2 things.

Panoramic photo , nearly

Panoramic photo , nearly


You can either crop it, but you loose some of the panoramic photo….


Crop your image

Crop your image

or you can use the new feature on CS5 and that is Content Fill. but it doesn’t always work perfectly. ( this is not covered by this tutorial, see my other tutorials for content fill )


And we have our finished image…

panoramic digital photo

panoramic digital photo



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