Original image of boobs

How To – Make Boobs Look Bigger

How To – Make Boobs Look Bigger

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial is highly requested by my male and female followers, and its how to make boobs look bigger using photoshop.

Step 1

Find a photo that you wish to use like the one below for example

Original image of boobs

Step 2

Now we need to use the Liquify Tool to do the magic!

Filter -> Liquify


Shift + Ctrl + X

Liquify Tool
Liquify Tool

Step 3

On the left hand side of the liquify tool, make sure Bloat is selected.

Now use the [ and ] keys to make the brush size smaller / bigger. I started off with the brush size that you can see below but made it smaller to keep it looking more realistic.

Increase the Boob Size

Step 4

You need to do small clicks all the way around the boobs, sort of  like going around a clock. Do a small click at 12 o’clock and let it bloat then the same at 1 and 2 and 3 etc, until you have gone all the way around the boob. Do this again on the other boob to make them look even.


Final Image Before and After

This effect would look a lot more realistic and better if you use a model that has no clothes on but, I think you can use your imagination for this tutorial. I didn’t want to upset anyone with “indecent images of full frontal nudity” so I thought this would suffice and it gets the point across for the sake of the tutorial.

Original image of boobs
Final Image of bigger boobs

This effect can be used very slightly or extremely, the choice is your personal preference.

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